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The application offers access to the LEO dictionaries, language courses and Survival Kits as well as the vocabulary trainer and forums.


LEO’s online dictionaries are always up to date (no updates necessary).

★ English ⇔ German (827,000 entries)

★ French ⇔ German (270,000 entries)

★ Spanish ⇔ German (225,000 entries)

★ Italian ⇔ German (224,000 entries)

★ Chinese ⇔ German (208,000 entries)

★ Russian ⇔ German (307,000 entries)

★ Portuguese ⇔ German (128,000 entries)

★ Polish ⇔ German (79,000 entries)

★ English ⇔ Spanish (136,000 entries)

With LEO you can do more than just look up the meaning of a word in a different language. LEO also provides:

☆ noun and verb tables

real voice

audio pronunciation (


speech synthesis)

☆ definitions

☆ grammar and etymology,

as well as other information relevant to the search term(s) including

☆ orthographically similar words

☆ possible base forms for inflected words

☆ links to forum discussions containing the search term(s)

Language courses and Survival Kits

Learn a new language and find your way round in a new country. With LEO’s language courses and Survival Kits you can learn nine languages and find out about different customs and cultures – on your desktop or mobile device (also offline). The language courses and Survival Kits can be purchased within the app.

Vocabulary trainer

Use our free vocabulary trainer to create personal word lists and improve your vocabulary. We use a two-way synchronization method, which means you can access all your word lists on your mobile devices or on your desktop, all you need is a free account.


Connect with other users and get help with language-related questions that are not answered by the dictionary. To participate in the forums all you need is a free user account.

The app contains adverts which you can choose to remove by subscribing to our ad-free version.

For a detailed description of all features, please visit https://www.leo.org

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Android 4.1+

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