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Magnifier & Microscope [Cozy] App Description

This app turns your phone into a functional and easy to use magnifier.

Do not carry a magnifying glass any more. =)

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* Features

⊙ Magnifier (H/W zoom, S/W zoom)

⊙ Microscope (more fine image)

⊙ LED Flashlight

⊙ Macro Camera

⊙ Image Freezing

⊙ Embedded photo viewer

⊙ Image filters(Negative, Sepia, Mono)

⊙ WYSIWYG saves

⊙ & more

Do you have to remove your glasses to read a business card?

Do you have to carry big magnifying glass to read the model number of a tiny semiconductor?

Do you use a microscope to observe the legs of a tiny insect?

Do you want to take macro photos easily?

The fantastic solution is here!

Use your smartphone as a handy magnifying glass!

Use your smartphone as a handy microscope!

Use your smartphone as a handy macro camera!

1. Magnifier

- Live H/W magnification.

- Live S/W(x4) magnification.

- Taking magnified pictures.

- Continuous auto focus(If possible).

2. Freezing picture

- Freezing screen to see picture stably.

- Useful in a moving car.

- Useful to write a memo on paper.

3. Microscope

- More fine picture than Magnifying glass mode.

- More zoom in.

4. Zooming

- Zooming control bar.

- Pinching to zoom everywhere.

5. Picture Effects

- Support frequently used picture effects(Negative, Sepia, Mono).

6. LED Flashlight

- Flashlight ON/OFF

- The volume-down button can toggle flashlight on and off also.

7. Taking pictures

- Taking pictures by pressing the volume-up button or touching the camera icon.

- Saving a picture by touching the save icon.

- Support WYSIWYG(What You See Is What You Get) saving in microscope mode & freezing mode.

* The quality of the magnified image depends on your phone's camera capabilities.

* Some devices can't use some functions.

* This is not a real microscope. ;)

* I have no responsibilities for the problems caused by using this application. =)

Android 4.2+

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